UPS Battery Tester - Do You Need One?

Installing A UPS System Alone Does Not Guarantee Uninterrupted Power...

In fact 98 percent of all uninterruptable power system's failures are due to faulty batteries and operator error.

A proven UPS battery tester like the SOC Tester can eliminate the two critical factors that may be detrimental to your continuous power.

Blackouts are one thing, but intermittent and unplanned power failure is quite common.  At some point in time the lights will go out.  The question is are you and your company prepared for the dark.

Data centers rely on continuous power and can not afford to be in the dark for even a minute.  Web Applications and SAAS services demand continuous power and 100 percent uptime guarantees don't come cheap when UPS systems fail.  Installing a UPS is not a guarantee of continuous power by any means unless you guarantee the UPS systems most critical components with a regiment of battery testing to ensure the power is there when you need it the most.

Fire alarm systems, security, emergency, computer backup, telecom, the list goes on and the demand for an uninterruptable system only becomes more apparent when a critical system fails, someone gets hurt, financially or physically and then companies and government institutions go looking for a solution after the fact. 

Step one - You have a UPS system is in place. 
Step two - Realize you already know uninterruptable power is important. 
Step three - Take a little initiative to ensure your UPS will function when you need it the most and get your hands on a proven battery tester to ensure ultimate reliability in your power system.


UPS Battery Tester